Test Print

We’ve always wanted to play around with printing. So the other day we had a go with some postcard sized digital prints. Can’t wait to work on something bigger…

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Action of Love

A CD cover for a Youth Pastor for his ministry in Germany. We were honored to help him with the design & illustration.

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@ Naka Gallery, Seminyak

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Pray for Japan – Sneak Peek –

We know it probably a bit late for this, but we’re working on a Pray for Japan illustration. But since we have strong feelings about the issue, we thought it’s better late than never. And here are the sneak peek…

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Oh, for Dog’s Sake!

Oh, for DOG’s Sake! is a charity art exhibition organized by Naka Contemporary Art to help raise money for street dogs in Bali.

We were allowed to experiment with media for our own interpretation of love of the dogs. And we sure had fun mucking about with acrylic and markers. After that the painting was packed and sent to Bali to be displayed with the other 100 artworks from artists around the world and local. Unfortunately both of us won’t be there for the opening day, but if you’re happen to be there don’t hesitate to drop by!

More details can be seen here.

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Mr Willykums

A submission for Creature Mag, for publication in June edition of the Croquet Gazette.  The Croquet Gazette is the official printed magazine for UK croquet and is read by Croquet enthusiasts throughout the country. We took the liberty of giving our illustration a little back story.

Mr. Willykums is an avid croqueteer who take great delight in hitting those little shinny round things.

He loves the whole prancing and dancing (and sipping tea in the middle) on freshly trimmed grass.

He does so every Tuesday afternoon. So pay attention to your calendar folks, if you’re lucky he might invite you to a game or two.

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AOFM illustration for Amelia’s Magazine

Finally, our first post of the month.

We got the chance to illustrate Amelia’s Magazine article about AOFM, Academy of Freelance Make Up – a unique hair and make up training institute who trains their students with a personal touch and realistic approach to better prepare & equip the students.

Read more about the article here.

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